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Witness forms for HB 436 (Second Amendment Preservation Act)
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Ron C... (Dixon, MO)     H: 062 S: 06 Supports
Fidelity to the constitution of both Missouri and the United States requires that all parties involved strive to maintain the proper jurisdiction of the various polities. Failure to do so will result in corrupting centralization of power, diminished liberty, and eventual, but certain, disintegration of the union of the states.

The federal government was granted few and well-defined powers by the People of the several states, but it has long usurped the powers inherent in the People and reserved for them and the states, severally, by the Tenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Although we are a long-suffering people, the constant threats to the most basic right to self-protection has reached the limits of our patience. It is time to reclaim the powers belonging to the People and the states but never granted to the federal government. It is time for the People to bind, once again, the federal government they created with the chains of the Constitution. It is time for the People, acting through their nearest representatives in state government, to declare null and void the unconstitutional and extra-jurisdictional edicts from the federal government which infringe on the unalienable right to keep and bear arms.

Members of the Missouri General Assembly, who took an oath to defend the constitution of our state and of the United States, are DUTY BOUND to interpose on behalf of the People. HB 436 is the tool with which they can perform their duty. 
Joseph B... (Chelan, WA)     H: S: Supports
The 2nd amendment is basic to the security and preservation of our American life, We must have means of self defense and the 2nd amendment is the right from God that all the rest of the Constitution and Bill of rights, the law of America hangs I feel naked and helpless before the criminal without my gun as a law abiding citizen obeying God to be armed read St. Luke 22:36 ( "Let the one having no weapon, sell his cloak and buy one." ) That is good enough for me and that we are out of decency to protect our families and ladies and children. The majority of citizens should be concealed carry trained license holders, male or female and then the criminal would not know who was armed in public or anywhere else. .It is evident that "gun free zones invite criminal activity so there should be no gun free zones but be open to concealed Carry trained license holders of concealed guns. The program of the government should be training citizens and issuing certificates for concealed carry and not trying to destroy the 2nd Amendment and disarm responsible citizens so that only the criminals have guns 
Linda S... (hillsboro, MO)     H: 111 S: 22 Supports
Michael B... (Raymore, Mo)     H: 055 S: 31 Supports
I support this bill and will support with my vote any legislators who vote in favor of it. I will not support, in any future elections or political campaigns, any legislators who vote against or abstain from voting in favor of this bill. 
Matthew H... (Fenton, MO)     H: 113 S: 22 Supports
This legislation is vital to preserving both the 2nd Amendment as well as Art 1 Sec 23 of the Missouri Constitution, as both are under constant assault both within the State by both misguided legislatures, as well as rogue Missouri municipalities. I ask you to support liberty by supporting HB 436 to further reiterate to those, be they legislators in the Federal or State Legislatures, or legislators in robes in the Judicial branch, that the right to defense of self, family, and property, from both crime and tyrants are natural god given rights of man, which no person or entity should be able to usurp. 
Nicholas E... (St peters, MO)     H: 105 S: 23 Supports
I am very concerned for our second amendment rights in this country. Our federal government is constantly trying to make it harder and harder to acquire firearms. I would ask that you support the second amendment preservation act and start returning second amendment rights to the citizenry. This bill is wonderful because it not only reaffirms states rights regarding the production and sales of firearms within the state, it also takes away all of the ATF's bureaucratic red tape on class 3 firearms and accessories, which we can already own but are made PROHIBITIVELY expensive by the federal government's oppressive laws and fees, and not to mention extensive waiting periods.  
James D... (Florissant, MO)     H: 068 S: 13 Supports
Thank you!!! THIS is a well thought out, solidly constitutional bill that all liberty-minded people should support, unlike Lears's dead-end bill that actually violates the Missouri constitution itself and makes those who support 2nd Amendment rights look like a bunch of cretins. 
Gerald C... (Elsberry, MO)     H: 041 S: 10 Supports
I suport bils HB436 and SB325. 
Denise P... (East Prairie, MO)     H: 149 S: 25 Supports
Our veterans served our country in a voluntary basis, and this is the thanks they get? What we need to do as a state is to nullify the Brady Act. The Constitution allows the federal government limited power. The federal government has taken far more power than it was ever meant to have. The state and the people need to take their power back now, before they have no power left. Nullify any law that is not specifically granted to federal government in the Constitution at the state level. That includes all gun restriction laws.  
Ralph R... (Ballwin, MO)     H: 101 S: 15 Supports
It is time to defend the rights of the law abiding hard working citizens. 
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